Brighton Club Spank – a fetishwear party – dance / flirt / play

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Eye-candy, dance tunes, entertainment… an approachable, smiling crowd… nothing extreme or gory to scare you because Spank stands proudly for ‘fluffy’ fetish

MUSIC: Established DJ’s playing house through to filthy electro

DRESS-UP: Dressing to each party’s theme is great fun but always optional, we do however ask you to join our celebration of sexual diversity by following our fetish dress code

Join us at FACEBOOK or TWITTER. We also co-organise the BRIGHTON FETISH WEEKEND (no event planned for 2019 however).

RULES – Please read to avoid disappointment on the night

No personal photography - the official Spank photographer will ask your permission before taking pics for our website. This is to protect the privacy of those people who don’t want to appear in public photos of a fetish party. You will be able to download photos of the party afterwards from the Spank website, free of charge.

No full nudity - ie no wrinkly bits

NO OUTFIT, NO ENTRY - celebrate the sartorial wonders of fetish, fantasy & kink, skin art, gothic glam, twisted burlesque, steampunk & drag. We encourage you to ‘be a different person’ for the night by transforming yourself through an outfit. Why not try something new and embrace uniform (medical, military or any other), body paint, cabaret, cyberwear, lingerie or even completely OTT dinner dress (top hat and tails, cane, monocle)?

NO CASUAL STREET WEAR especially no denim, no cotton t-shirts, no regular suits

NO ‘BASIC BLACK’ – plain black trousers with a plain black shirt does NOT constitute an outfit, nor does a regular suit

Event posters mainly for the Spank Balls held previously in Australia (most smaller Spank parties didn’t have flyers), and more recently in Brighton UK: