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The Cheeky Guide to Brighton, whose spies attended our Bling Ball Dec 2015: ” We loved it. By far and away the best kinky night I’ve been to in Brighton over the last 20 years. Friendly, flirty, popular and Mistress Absolute’s performance made me laugh out loud!”

646_327 Jackson Rocco’s review for Skin Two LateXtra of Club Spank’s ‘Heart Clinic’ party, Friday 1st March 2013

The full review is at http://www.KFSMedia.com, LateXtra Issue 37, with lots of colourful pics. You can buy the magazine and lots of other goodies from Skin Two right there… enjoy the hard and excellent work done by Tim Woodward, who also attended and took photos at the Club Spank Brighton Fetish Weekend Ball on Sat 29th June 2013.

We hereby give up a big thank you to the inestimable Mr Rocco, fetish blogger, for writing the review, and to Skin Two for publishing it.

Here are some snippets to whet your appetite:

Jackson Rocco at Club Spank’s ‘Heart Clinic’ Friday 1st March 2013

The medical theme provided a neat framework for the notoriously strict dress code. One of Spank’s trump cards, its rigidity and ‘no effort, no entry’ policy made for a refreshing change, and will no doubt consolidate a loyal fanbase.   …

And it was a great choice of venue, the H Bar being of the weekend club style and having a number of spaces on three floors, to create little bubbles of activity. These areas were lit by a rainbow palette of neon, positioned to enhance everyone at their seductive best.   …

Ultimately Club Spank sets the standard for fetish clubs in Brighton, a resort that surprisingly hasn’t had a bona fide knockout homegrown fetish club. …. Spank delivers the kinky good times in an established and convivially funky setting.   …

What’s more, the night seemed perfect for the different types of local perves: Weekenders looking to dally in deviant dress up, sexy rubber clubbers looking to throw some shapes and the more hardcore, intent on playing or meeting up to swing elsewhere. Starved of good local kinky fun, I came and dined out very well, and I’ll be back for more when it flagships the very first Brighton Fetish Weekend on June 28th – 30th, alongside Brighton Twisted Market.

Jackson Rocco: twitter.com/jacksonrocco


Club Spank used to co-organise the annual Brighton Fetish Weekend, which took place every year 2013-16. This review from Brightonabudget is of the Spank Fetish Weekend Ball on Sat 11th April 2015: 

“… after chatting to performers, organisers and fellow deviants, (we) secured a VIP invite to the Club Spank Ball later that night. If we thought the expo was much, this was something else, and a real chance for us to let our hair down and dress ourselves up.

The theatre was rammed and had gone from indoor market to Eyes Wide Shut . People’s costumes were incredible –  gladiatorial attire and circus-wear is very in amongst the fetish community.

My highlights, apart from being spanked on stage and dancing to EDM, were talking to a man dressed in full gimp attire and snorkel (the man not me); seeing a woman wearing a ‘corset’ consisting of staples in her back, and Sophie’s loud remark about one lovely transgender individual being “more of a woman” than she is.

It was a very unusual but freeing experience, and being surrounded by such welcoming people of all ages made it even better. On the whole it was an amazing experience – a true celebration of perversity, freedom and kink. I will certainly be returning next year and recommend it to fetish novices and virtuosos alike. ”



RedHotPie review: The Cause or the Symptom?!

It’s official – this was the sexiest, best dressed, and flat out coolest Spank party yet. With a white-hot headlining show from Hollywood bondage model Emily Marilyn, this party attracted fetish fans from as far away as Tasmania and Sydney. And with naughty Nurses, deviant Doctors and perverted patients as far as the eye could see, it was a challenge to pick out just a few lucky winners for the official prize-giving later in the night – but the judges were up to the task…

The dungeon was seductively lit with red lanterns and the action was pretty redhot too… all that spanking and bondage must have made for plenty of sore bottoms the next day! The place was packed all night with seasoned BDSM veterans, but also plenty of newbies experiencing their first domination delights under the safe guidance of a dungeon master. Spank remains proudly and firmly fluffy, so for the curious it’s a glamorous and gentle introduction to the world of fetish clubbing.

There was also plenty for those partygoers more interested in showing off their outfits on the dance floor, where throbbing house and dance tunes kept people flirting and shaking their rubber-clad behinds till the wee hours. A celebration of all ‘alternative’ clubbers, we saw everything from cute Goth girls, skin-art fans, latex mask-wearing submissives, skimpy cuties and drag boys to twisted burlesque – a veritable kaleidoscope of kink! Rumour has it that Spank is going to host a party in Melbourne next year… we’re now on the edge of our seat waiting for details. Go Spank!



RedHotPie: Unleash the Beast!

Near-naked beauties, fur- and leather-clad beasts, and plenty of perverted pets being led around on chains… sounds like another Spank party! That’s exactly what revelers got at last month Beauty and the Beast bash hosted by the legendary Spank Parties. It was a condensed Spank but the fun raged at full throttle at what was a new venue for Spank, the sexalicious Bar Open. The room was filled with titillating going’s on and tremendous treats for each and every sense; from the Goddess worship corner for the dominant girls and all their foot rubbing subs to the dungeon master and mistress dishing out the sexy tough love it was an electrifying scene…

The mix of upbeat house music with a dash of doof saw the dance floor packed hard. Those not shaking their groove thang flirted in the comfy booths or took a pew to watch other’s play in the dungeon. As usual, BDSM activity was limited to light play only due to Spank’s ‘no breaking of skin’ rule – one reason this party continues to be so popular with newbies and the ‘fluffy fetish’ dressup crowd. We’ve heard a rumour that the next big Spank will explode onto the Perth scene in 2 or 3 months, so watch RedHotPie for details – and if you still haven’t dared to try one of these infamous parties, we recommend you get your kinky head on and get down there for one of the wildest nights in town!!

Obedience School.jpg SPANK! ‘OBEDIENCE SCHOOL’ JUN 08

OutinPerth: Time for a Spanking!

The 4th SPANK! dance party (Gilkisons, Sat 28th June 08) was a whirlwind of kinky costume, colour and cuteness. With a filthy edge – of course – this fetish & fantasy party is now a regular on the alternative Perth scene, and attracts people from various communities across the city; gay, Goth, BDSM and crazy clubbers.

The theme this time was ‘Obedience School’, and as the rule is ‘no outfit, no entry’, the venue was packed with around 500 dressed-to-the-nines mistresses and masters, cops, schoolgirls and more, all flirting, dancing and playing on the various pieces of equipment in the dungeon… naughty!

The crowd also went wild for the floorshows: fire twirling, burlesque girlies, crystal ball jugglers and podium dancers. A fab night – we can’t wait for the promoters to come back to Perth next year and put on another SPANK!

GayinWA: A Spanking good time!

What a party! I started getting ready at 5pm.  It’s an hour’s drive down to Perth for me! Just had to put a little face on : ) I have been slowly transforming my jacket – it’s gold and silver.  I have added wings, feathers and trill.  Add new contacts and black knee high boots, along with silver pants, and I do get some looks when I pull up at the lights.

It’s SPANK! at Gilkisons.  It’s packed and hard to move. It’s hard to manoeuvre the steps with my wings and camera bag.  As far as the eye could see, it was lit up like a medieval carnival.  Fire eaters doing flesh fire, crystal ball jugglers, ladies in their undergarments, men on leads, you name it. DJ Needle Nurse was hypodermics on the vinyl.

I caught up with Helen and Keith on Tuesday just before they flew out.  They were ecstatic with the turn out on the night  – more than 500 Spankers! Helen said it was great that the community had continued to support the SPANK! fetish night – it just keeps growing all the time.  They will be back next year to hold another party;  they are renovating their home in England and, as soon as they can, they are moving back to Perth – they miss all their mates and family here terribly. See you all at the next SPANK!

Little Britain.jpg SPANK! ‘LITTLE BRITAIN’ MAY 07

GayinWA: SPANK and ye shall find!

Hundreds were expected, and in their hundreds they came! Over three hundred sexy, sweaty, rubber, studded and leather clad folk were out at SPANK‘s last big party at Gilkison’s over the weekend. Perth fetish fans will simply have to wait until our hosts Helen & Keith return from their sojourn to the land of the big queen for another event of this calibre and genre.

If you’ve ever thought about any style of fetish, then you only need to take a look at SPANK ! If it’s a fetish wear congregation you seek, then at a SPANK! event ye shall find! At eleven o’clock just on a hundred buckled, leathered-up, lathered-up, high-boot wearing, riding crop carrying, fetish-loving individuals paraded their wares and artsy angst to other party goers.

The night was literally bursting at the seams with suspender belts, shiny PVC and black eye kohl. There were shoes that required a guiding arm to lean on for balance, fishnets by the trawler-load and all manner of long, black coats. Chains and elaborate costume accessories were entertainment in themselves! Rigidly sticking to the ‘no outfit, no entry’ policy the delightful staff had a fine time keeping track of all the outer clothing left on the cloakroom hangers.

And, all in fun! Happy, smiling and charmingly pouting individuals were found in every nook and cranny of the venue. Five shows played to a rapt crowd. Shows included a Cat Walk Parade, a Gothic performance, a Rope Suspension Act, Juggling and the elaborate and highly mesmerising fire show.

Now while it ain’t everybody’s English cup-of-tea, the consensus among attendees was that this was THE BEST and BIGGEST SPANK! held to date.

and another GayinWA review: Well SPANK me!!

Forgive me, but when I arrived at Gilkisons, I found it hard to believe that I was in the year 2007.  I thought I had walked through a time portal and arrived back in the 1800s. There was a crystal juggler, who manipulated his balls like no other that I have ever seen before.  The effects were amazing, at the lighting hit the crystal, shooting shards of light everywhere. Fire eaters, Vikings, lords, ladies and demons from deep dark places – the atmosphere was very medieval.

The shows were out of this planet – the rope tying was mesmerising – the crowd was in awe and so focused on the angelic girl being restrained by rope and then lifted off the floor.  Then came the fire jugglers, proceeding down the stairs right into the crowd – it was so open theatre – the dance floor was alive. Keith and Helen – thanks for staging the best SPANK! so far!

Spank launch poster small.jpg SPANK! ’FETISH BALL’ LAUNCH FEB 06

GayinWA: More latex than a baby bottle nipple!!

You would have forgiven me for thinking I was on the set of the movie Blade, keeping an eye out for Wesley Snipes to whisk me away in a blaze of gun fire and the swish of a ninja sword.

But in reality I was at Gilkison’s Dance Studio and enjoying SPANK‘s Fetish Ball, elbow deep in vampires, vampire killers and dominatrix girls, angels and aliens and more latex than a baby bottle nipple manufacturer. And, if this was not enough, you could lose yourself in a dungeon – chained up in the stocks or strapped to a whipping cross. If this was not your thing, there was a groping cage and a spanking chair to get you through the night.

The floorshows were just fabulous and very provocative. I was lapping it all up as the official photographer. Dressed not as you would normally see me – this time, I was in dressed in a Tarzan leather Lapp Lapp and a sleek pair of fishnet stockings.

My photos say it all and I must add that SPANK! was a huge success. Well done to the organiser Helen. Hundreds of folks enjoyed a night of fun and games. Can’t wait until the next show on the 17th Feb next year.

OutinPerth magazine:

Sin at Gilkisons, that bastion of things a little darker/more alternative in Perth, hosted the inaugural SPANK! Fetish Ball. Tickets demanded that attendees dress to impress, and promised deep dark music, sexy shows, and a play area.

The crowd numbered around 300 at its peak and provided entertaining viewing with corsets, leather, PVC and heavy eye makeup abounding.

There was good variety in costume, age, gender, with plenty queer folk out and about. With four shows between 10pm and 2am themed as stylized medical and vampire scenes, through to a couple of fun little dance routines, the entertainment factor was certainly delivered.

The play area got busy later in the night – it was stocked with a cage, cross, stocks, but with BYO equipment. Most of the play I saw was fairly light and fluffy, but given the space got very, very packed; it would’ve been hard to engage in anything more serious.

Suggestion, maybe a bigger space or limits on how many are allowed in at one time in the future? Overall, the night was excellent. There’s a rumour the ball may be repeated in the future – I for one hope it is.