Do I have to dress up? What should I wear?
Forcing everyone at the end of my whip to don their best fetish or fantasy outfits really does make the whole night special. Costumes are a great talking point, provide terrific entertainment, and you never need worry about being overdressed because everyone is.  As for what to wear… we encourage you to be a different person for the night, wearing something that floats your boat. Think BDSM, fantasy, Gothic, uniform, steampunk, medical, futuristic, cyber, body art/decoration, drag, burlesque, showgirl etc… we allow bare bums & boobs, but no privates on parade please.

What sort of people go?
All of you with that certain distinction: fetishists (of course, and of all varieties), crazy clubbers, cross-dressers, swingers, subs, doms, those with wicked piercings or tattoos, wizards (yes really)… and any curious people new to this sort of thing as long as you’re open-minded and tolerant, polite and just want to have a Really Good Time. You don’t have to be a couple, and you don’t have to be straight.

Can I play in the dungeon?
You are encouraged to indulge in light sensual play such as spanking, but we definitely don’t allow any breaking of skin so no needle-play etc.  Spank is a fetish dress-up event, not a sex party – so no on-premises sex or nudity please. But of course you’re quite likely to meet play partners there, and you can always invite them home for naughtiness afterwards.

Can I take photos?
We say no to bringing cameras and camera-phones into the club as many people want to protect their anonymity. An official Spank photographer is on hand until midnight to take pics – with your permission only – for our website.

How long has Spank been putting on events?
Spank founder ‘Ms Muffie’ moved to Perth, Australia in 2004 with fond (if rather sketchy) memories of wild nights out at London fetish clubs. She was devastated to learn that Perth had no fetish dance parties (the horror)… so in 2006 Spank was tentatively unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. ‘How hard can it be?’, she asked… and was soon to learn that the answer was ‘hard… very hard’. Faced with a steep learning curve as a novice promoter, Muffie freely admits she couldn’t have done it without her partner ‘DJ Deviant’, former Camden Palace DJ and club manager extraordinaire.
That first party attracted 200 people and managed to break even financially. Since then, attendance has grown steadily and Spank soon became one of Australia’s foremost fetish events; it was lucky enough to attract the likes of bondage model Emily Marilyn, who travelled to Australia to perform at two Spank parties.
Mr and Mrs Spank have now moved back to the UK and are now putting on parties in lovely Brighton. However, Spank is still being run in Australia in collaboration with our wonderful co-promoter Azure Entertainment.