Final Spank 10.12.16 The Glitter Ball

Our retirement, last-ever, party, it was emotional! Our wonderful crowd gave us a fab send-off, what a joyful night. Thanks as ever to Xavier Clarke for taking such artistic photos. If you would like to order high-res prints for posterity (kinky kodak moments!): Xavier Clarke -

67 Photos

Alice in Zombieland Sat 22.10.16

Wonderful photos from Xavier Clarke as ever, what great outfits for this early Halloween and 'Happy 10th Birthday Spank' party! If you would like to order high-res prints for posterity (kinky kodak moments!): Xavier Clarke -

93 Photos

Tainted Love, our anti-Valentines party 13.2.16

What an amazing night. As ever, please contact our talented photographers bn1boi and Xavier C if you would like to order high-res prints for posterity (kinky kodak moments!): Xavier Clarke - bn1boi -

114 Photos

Spank's 9th Birthday - The Bling Ball 5.12.15

A sell-out event, we had people begging for tickets at the last moment for this one! The Cheeky Guide to Brighton said this was 'by far and away the best kinky party we've been to in Brighton over 20 years'.

112 Photos

Spank 'Boudoir Bordello' June 2015

A smaller summer party but a tremendous one, with hot entertainment and a sultry sizzling crowd who appreciated the new clubby lighting and smoke-machine-hazed secret corners. Plenty of play and lots of dancers! More fab photos from our togs bn1boi and Xavier C. High-res images available from them for a reasonable price, please PM us for details.

88 Photos

Tainted Love Feb 14th 2015

A record crowd in our amazing new venue enjoyed the themed boudoir as well as the subterranean dungeon room and the packed dance floor. Thanks again to bn1boi for this variety of images.

61 Photos

Spank's 8th birthday 'The Grand Age of Corsets' November 2014

Our new venue went down an absolute storm with the best crowd yet... Enjoy these colour and black&white images by bn1boi... please choose your favourites to download.

76 Photos

Club Spank's Brighton Fetish Weekend Ball June 2014

With an animals theme, 'The Menagerie' was packed to the rafters with the friendliest crowd you can imagine. No snobby cliques here, we get comments all the time about how lovely our patrons are.

72 Photos

Cabaret Berlin May 2014

A night featuring the Fetish Kartel performers from London, as well as Brighton's very own Sugar Shane. Pumping music and a sizzling hot crowd.

62 Photos

Spank Birthday Ball 'Tokyo Nights' Sept 2013

A smaller party than normal, but one of the friendliest we've had... plenty play, some fab Japanese theme outfits, and much socialising and flirting!

39 Photos

Spank Brighton Fetish Weekend Ball 2013

A sell-out event with over 200 wonderfully flamboyant people filling the H-Bar to bursting on the dance floor, the dungeon and the terrace. We need a bigger venue for next year!

36 Photos

Brighton Fetish Weekend 2013 'Feast of the Senses'

We haven't included photos of the more 'sensitive' demo's including edge play, impact play etc. But the shows are here in glorious technicolour! Acknowledgements and thanks to Nawashi Murakawa and his stunning model MAYA, and also to Missa Blue, to the delectable Lottie Kixx, to the body-building Dometria Domm, and to our incomparable compere Vee WORLDMISTRESS!

102 Photos

Brighton Fetish Weekend 2013 Kinky Cocktails party

The sexy, glamorous crowd of over 100 kinksters really thrashed the Koba staff for kinky cocktails, what a great start to the weekend.

43 Photos

Spank Brighton - Heart Clinic - March 2013

Oh Doctor, I'm in trouble! Nurses and medics abounded, numbers were up on the last party, and much friendly fun was had. The new stationary photo point also worked well, allowing the main crowd to relax away from cameras.

118 Photos

Spank Brighton - Garden of Undead - Oct 2012

The official Spank launch in Brighton at the snazzy H-Bar in Hove, this party saw a great crowd of dressed-to-the-max Halloween revellers; zombies and vampires galore. No dungeon pics to protect the innnocent!

79 Photos

Spank Perth - Tokyo Kink - April 2011

This was officially voted the best Spank yet, with a great crowd of around 450 friendly, smiling clubbers. So many people turned Japanese for our first party at the very snazzy Villa Nightclub. Our last party under current management... but hopefully Spank will live on under new direction in the future.

274 Photos

Twisted Tales - Jan 2011

This sizzling hot mini-Spank saw some very wrong fairytale characters... definitely not for children!

124 Photos

Spank Melbourne - From Russia with Lust - Oct 2010

Plenty of Russian glasnost all round so thank you Melbourne for continuing to support Spank. A smallish party (damn footie replay!) but definitely a goodie.

101 Photos

Weimar Berlin - May 2010

Military madness, pre-war European-style decadence and cabaret capers!

233 Photos

Spank Melbourne - Doctors & Nurses - May 2010

Thanks everyone for supporting our Melbourne launch, what a fab first night! Here's to many more...

187 Photos

Doctors & Nurses - Aug 2009

Medical marvels and naughty Nurses as far as the eye could see!

467 Photos

Beauty and the Beast - May 2009

Our first 'mini-Spank' - but absolutely maximum sexiness and kinky fun!!

42 Photos

Circus Berserk - Feb 2009

A sort of 'Cirque du Soleil meets Marquis de Sade'

223 Photos

Obedience School - June 2008

Police, military & schoolies galore

58 Photos

Little Britain - April 2007

Fetish Extravaganza - Final party for 2007

77 Photos

Tainted Love - February 2007

A Fetish, Fantasy & Gothic Valentine’s Dance Party

70 Photos